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Whether it's in words, images, or both, I hope to tell a story, or to help you tell yours.     

After fifteen years of providing families and businesses with portraits, event photography, and more, I've recently turned my focus to the images I've spent years creating, and continue to create, of the world around me.             

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was about 10, when my dad let me use one of his on a family trip to Europe. We had a darkroom in the basement, where we processed and printed our black and white film--a magical place, where images emerged as if out of thin air. So I guess I’ve been a (travel) photographer almost my whole life!

For me, travel is not just about seeing the world. It’s about connecting with the culture, history, and people of the places I visit. I photograph as I explore: street portraits, architecture, landscapes, details. These images capture a sense of place and time, and tell a story. They bring me back to my favorite places, remind me of the people and the culture, and allow me to share them with others.

Writing has become another avenue for creativity, for capturing memories, and for sharing them too. In the blog you’ll find more photographs, and even an occasional watercolor sketch. It’s all about more fully experiencing a place.

As you browse the galleries here you might see photographs and stories about places you have visited, get some ideas for future trips, or just enjoy being spirited away for a few minutes. If something speaks to you as it did to me, prints are available for your home or office. A print (or series of prints) on your wall becomes a story you look at every day, a window into another place and time. It can match the scale and style of your décor, in various sizes and framed, or printed on canvas or metal.

Please don't hesitate to reach out!


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